We are one of the leading auto repair shops serving customers in South Jordan, UT, Herriman, UT, Riverton, UT, and surrounding areas. All automotive repair and mechanic services at Matson Points are performed by highly qualified mechanics. Our shop works on a wide range of vehicles using the latest technology and equipment. Regardless of what you drive, our mechanics work hard to ensure that your vehicle will be performing in peak condition before it leaves one of our service bays. Our high standard of quality and pride in our work shows that our technicians always have our customers best interest in mind. Looking for an automotive repair shop to handle all of your maintenance and repair needs? You don’t need to look any further than us. Give us a call and we can get your vehicle in have our trained technicians evaluate your car and give you a fair estimate of what it will take to tackle your automotive needs.

Axle, Cv Joint, Driveshft Repair

your vehicle’s axle, CV joint, and driveshaft are crucial components of your vehicle. Their primary purpose is the transfer of power from the transmission and differential to the wheels to drive the vehicle forward. These components are subject to multiple forces that over time will reduce their performance may require service, repair or replacement.

Break Repair

A properly functioning brake system is critical for the safety of you, your family and other motorists. Understanding the maintenance needs and the warning signs of worn brake components will help you retain the integrity of your brake system and bring you safely to a stop without any surprises.

Cooling System Repair

Your vehicle’s cooling system consists of multiple components such as water pump(s), radiator, thermostat, fans, heater or water valves, that harmoniously work together to dissipate the heat generated from the friction and combustion from a vehicle’s engine. The cooling system ensures that the temperature of your engine stays within a range that is safe for the health of the engine and prevent overheating which can not only leave you stranded, but can damage your engine.

Differential Repair

A differential allows your car to transfer the power from your engine to the wheels at varying speeds. This allows your car to perform smooth turns and provide the power where it is needed.

Exhaust System Repair

The exhaust system directs the remnants of engine combustion away from the vehicle while also reducing the amount of pollutants by using a catalytic converter and minimizing engine exhaust noise by direct the gas through mufflers and resonators

Transmission Repair

There are multiple types of transmissions including manual, automatic, automatically shifted manual transmission (ASMT), and continuously variable transmission (CVT). They all serve the same purpose as the mechanism to transfer the power from the engine to the wheels of the vehicle. Understanding the maintenance for your particular transmission will help avoid costly repairs down the road.