Tire Repair and Replacement


When it’s time for tire repair and replacement, you can’t get more neighborly, honest advice than Matson Point S Tire & Auto Service for auto repairs. Our auto mechanics blend old-fashioned accessibility with modern service. We treat our customers like friends to whom they would provide car advice.

Tire repair and replacement is critical to keeping you safe on the road. Not only that, but did you know that having properly inflated tires can affect your gas mileage? And if you’ve ever driven with bald tires in a rainstorm, you know how terrifying that can be. At Matson Point S Tire & Auto Service, we want your driving in Riverton, Draper, Herriman, and South Jordan to be a smooth experience. In the end, we want you and your passengers to feel secure and safe.

A tire shop might install your tires for you, but our team at Matson Point S Tire & Auto Service can do everything from the rotation to alignment, which makes the tire last longer. A tire shop doesn’t have a lot of vested interest in your car like how we do here. We see you when you are at your most frustrated, and it’s satisfying to take care of you and your tire repair and replacement issues.

Take a look at this five-star review a happy customer left recently about his tire repair and replacement experience:

“Bought 4 new tires for my Subaru at Matson Point S Tire & Auto Service, and it was easily the best tire purchasing experience I’ve had in my life.  I’m from NYC and didn’t learn much about cars as a kid.  As you can imagine, I’ve been taken to town by both discount tire and Big-O so you can imagine the relief in having a locally owned shop like Matson to help me understand the difference between quality and price in order to make the most informed decision!  Will be going here for new tires from here on out, and would highly recommend them to anyone in the Greater SLC Area!” — Michael K.

We at Matson Point S Tire & Auto Service would absolutely love to have the privilege of caring for your tires to ensure you and your family have a great driving experience. Please don’t wait until that tire is unsafe — allow us to take care of your tire repair and replacement issues before they become an emergency. Schedule an appointment today. Matson Point S Tire & Auto Service is located at 1842 West 12600 S, Riverton, UT.